We provide services regarding valuation, commercial damages, lost profits and forensic accounting matters


We offer several types of valuation services and reporting based upon our client’s requirements. The level of service and reporting required typically depends upon the purpose and intended use of the appraisal. A brief overview of the various levels of service and reporting is described below:

Comprehensive Business Valuation Report

Provides a complete review, analysis and discussion of the financial data, related documents and valuation methods used in determining an opinion of value.

Complies with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) reporting standards.

Usually required for gift and estate tax and ESOP reporting purposes. Also may be required for family law and dissenting rights actions where deposition and/or court testimony is required.

Summary Report

Consists of an abbreviated report describing our valuation conclusion and exhibits containing the valuation schedules.

The amount and scope of fieldwork is identical regardless of a letter or comprehensive report. The only difference is in the extent of the report narrative.

Valuation conclusion is an opinion of value.

Letter reports are usually prepared for settlement negotiations in family law and other litigation matters.

The costs for a letter report are significantly less than those of a comprehensive report.

Calculation Letter

Consists of a cover letter summarizing our value estimate and attached valuation schedules.

Provides a value estimate of a business or professional practice utilizing all three major valuation approaches (Asset, Income and Market)—when applicable.

A value estimate is NOT as opinion of value.

Cost is much less than that of a letter report—approximately $2,000 depending upon the complexity of the business and conditions of the financial information.

Calculations of value are ideal for internal management planning or other purposes where an opinion of value is not required.


We also offer additional services to the legal community. A brief overview of our other services is described below:

Commercial Damages and Lost Profits

We assist our clients with the determination of economic damages associated with business interruption, lost profits and other events detrimental to a company’s operations.

Forensic Accounting

We provide a range of services associated with the identification and quantification of hidden income and/or assets. 

Specialized Consulting Services

Offered to assist our clients in projects where an opinion of value is not required.

Scope of the project and reporting are designed to provide the required service in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Legal Venues

We have extensive experience in providing cost-effective valuation services related to meditation, arbitration and trial court venues.


We work with many mediators to help their clients resolve issues regarding the value of the community’s business or professional practice. We find mediation to be a very cost-effective alternative to traditional methods of resolving disputed issues in a divorce or dissenting shareholder action.

Professional Training

Mr. Pankow is top-rated instructor in the areas of business valuation and financial analyses. He is one of only two members in the profession that are also members of the National Speakers Association — an international organization of professional speakers. Mr. Pankow has the unique ability to make complex financial issues easy to understand for non-financial people. This trait results from years of testifying as an expert witness in front of judges and juries. Mr. Pankow also combines each presentation with a joyful amount of humor and satirical insight which makes the learning experience that much more enjoyable.